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- The Power of Listening




Training Curriculum

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Dag Hammaraskjold
Former UN Secretary General

I Hear You

Listening is actually a magical process. When we deeply, truly listen to another, a shift takes place. Indeed, if you want to influence someone to change an entrenched point of view, listening to him or her is much more effective than arguing your point.

But listening doesn’t come naturally to most of us. We’re usually busy with our own thoughts while only pretending to pay attention. As a result, most of the data we might have captured slips by, unnoticed.

In this workshop, we practice three basic skills that can transform our listening competence:

  • Attention. Learning how to pay attention to another person to critical to good listening. It requires that we silence the inner voices and open ourselves to another without restraint. Sound easy? Not in a manic, multi-tasking culture dominated by 15 second sound bites.

  • Tune In. As we listen to another, we must also listen to ourselves. Our best clues about the feelings of another often come from the feelings they evoke in us.

  • Inquire. Even when you think you’ve heard it all, keep asking questions. Is there more? Is this what you’re saying? Did I get it right? Was there something else you wanted to say?

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