HeartWorks: Brian Muldoon, Consultant, Whitefish, Montana
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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE "ENLIGHTENED": Introduction to The ABCs of Enlightenment

- Freeing Ourselves From Attachment




For Individuals

retreat.jpg (42263 bytes)HeartWorks offers a wide range of tools for extraordinary individuals—those with the courage to look unflinchingly within and to forge a life of change, challenge and adventure. Working one-on-one in telephone coaching sessions, spending time at our Montana center for individualized face-to-face intensive sessions or sharing a retreat experience with others, we help you to identify and resolve the patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that keep you from living life at its fullest.

One-on-One Coaching

Change is hard enough; doing it on your own is, for most of us, an insurmountable challenge. In a series of regular telephone sessions, we address the daily developments that threaten to blow you off your chosen course and help to make course corrections as needed. These sessions are often followed by "homework" to anchor and integrate your choices so they aren’t dissipated by external events.


These are designed for individuals and small groups of key employees. Intensive programs last from two days to two weeks, and consist of daily sessions designed to help you examine and shift old patterns and distortions that have controlled your life. This experience is, as advertised, intense, and can involve three or four consultants who will guide you in reviewing the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your life. Whether desire to resolve a single intractable issue or wish to undertake a more comprehensive re-design of your life, career or personal goals, the intensive will get you there.


Our periodic retreats give you an opportunity to share your own journey with others in similar circumstances. These are designed for boards, departments and individuals in transition. Most retreats include yoga, a full experience of Montana’s natural beauty, and the healthiest meals you’ve ever tasted. Our retreats take place in Whitefish.

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