HeartWorks: Brian Muldoon, Consultant, Whitefish, Montana
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For Organizations


One of the great challenges in healthcare today is creating a caring environment that fulfills the patient's needs for healing at the deepest levels. Medical science alone, without considering the human factor, is no longer enough.

Most providers today understand that patient satisfaction and even the healing process itself are closely tied to the degree to which the patient's emotional and spiritual needs are met in the course of  treatment. It is also clear that patient satisfaction is directly proportional to the caregivers' attitude. Hospitals with the highest levels of employee satisfaction report the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Healthy relationships between doctor and patient, and among caregivers themselves, are crucial in producing positive outcomes.

Conventional medical education simply does not address the essential aptitude known today as "emotional intelligence." As a result, primary care physicians fail to recognize patients' emotional signals about 80% of the time. This is a significant contributing factor in the frequency of legal claims against healthcare providers.

NGOs and Not-for-Profits

Organizations that are established for purposes other than profit face a special challenge—many times, the elevated goals served by the organization obscure some of the “personality” issues that would be more obvious in the corporate world. When we’re focused on issues like homelessness, refugee relief, inter-religious dialogue, public policy, civic governance, and the like, it becomes easy to overlook the humanity of those around us. HeartWorks can help you build an organization that is as conscientious about those within as those without.


There are many stages along the road of corporate maturity. Some corporations are caught in a primal struggle for survival while others have discovered that a profitable enterprise can offer enormous opportunities for self-expression and creativity while delivering a valuable service or product to the community. What distinguishes these businesses is how they treat their employees and their customers. Serving their humanity is the key to discovering and expressing what might be called the “soul” of an organization. Once an organization finds its own soul, the sky’s the limit. HeartWorks can help take you there.

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