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Training Curriculum

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True collaboration requires the gifts of four different human archetypes. These archetypes are the Sovereign (vision and decision-making), the Magician (creativity), the Lover (relationships) and the Warrior (getting things done). Each of us is a mix of these archetypes; usually one or another is dominant and can interfere with our ability to work well as part of a team. By identifying and harmonizing these archetypes in ourselves and others we are able build collaboration from the inside out.

In addition to learning to work with the archetypes, we also focus on the three Keys to Collaboration:

  • Vision. There are two kinds of vision—sharing a common goal or working against a common adversary. Vision cannot be imposed from outside. It must emerge from the authentic interchange among the participants themselves if there is to be genuine "buy-in." Vision must be inclusive of everyone even as it provides direction to the enterprise.

  • Balanced Power. True collaboration is not possible if some participants can impose their will on the others. The result of such exchanges is merely accommodation. Collaboration requires those in positions of power to share it with the others or to abstain from exercising it; those of less influence similarly must learn how to assert themselves until a balance has been reached.

  • Relational Thinking. As every successful coach understands, even the most talented players must learn to think of themselves as part of a greater whole if the team is to work as a unit. Like a flock of geese migrating south in a flying "V," we must constantly adjust our positions to achieve our common goal. This requires a keen awareness of everyone else’s shifting strengths and needs, and is called "relational thinking."

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