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Do you really love coming to work each day?
How well do your colleagues get along with each other?
Have internal conflicts ever adversely affected your business?

At HeartWorks, we believe that the purpose of an organization is to bring out the best in its people while providing the highest quality services and products to its customers. It is no accident that the very best organizations attract extraordinary individuals who possess a high level of emotional and social intelligence.

What’s missing in a lot of organizations and employees is an appreciation for what we call "The Human Factor." People are not machines. When we ignore the humanity of one another, resentment inevitably affects performance—resulting in disruptive conflicts, missed deadlines, employee turn-over, and customer dissatisfaction. By attending to the Human Factor, we are able to dramatically improve communication, enhance creativity, and build resonance within individuals and teams.

Based on our extensive experience in the workplace, we have designed a set of unique tools for cultivating the Human Factor that reflect the latest developments in neuroscience and the emerging field of social intelligence.

Our services support both organizations and individuals. These include:

  1. Organizational assessments and interventions—we'll help get things back on track when personalities clash or distract you from achieving your goals.
  2. A curriculum of training programs for corporations and not-for-profit organizations and follow-up coaching that will ensure that the change you're seeking is actually implemented.
  3. One-on-one coaching.
  4. Intensive off-site programs for individuals and small groups of key employees.
  5. Off-site retreats for boards, departments and individuals in transition.

HeartWorks can help you transform your life and work environment into an exciting and rewarding place in which to be your best self. We’ll help you put “The Human Factor” into your life and workplace. We are committed to helping you create a great place to work that leaves your clients feeling that they’ve just had an exceptional experience.

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